At Pac-Mac we work hard to control costs by doing more with fewer resources. We take advantage of technology, innovation, and a relentless attention to all aspects of our manufacturing processes in order to stay ahead of the competition. We believe Manufacturing plays a fundamental role in developing and sustaining customer satisfaction through the elements of quality, cost flexibility, reliability and innovation.

Commitment to technology and improvement

Consistent repetition and focused refinement of our processes allows Pac-Mac to reach “World-Class” status. We use expertise, robust systems, and focused execution to keep our processes in control and ever improving. We are committed to investing in and taking advantage of the latest technologies in order to keep getting better and more cost-effective. Finally, focused execution using data-driven analytics allow us to drive continual improvement.

Combining these elements into a mindset allows Pac-Mac to identify, optimize and then integrate the most effective processes as we work hard to lead the race in setting World-Class manufacturing standards.

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RLX Series Refuse Truck
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