Rear Loaders

RLJ Series Refuse Truck

The Pac-Mac RLJ is designed to meet the needs of the private hauler. Engineered to be mounted on a 33,000 GVWR chassis, the RLJ's user-friendly design allows for greater maneuverability in tight areas. Our rear loader truck is engineered using the most advanced computer modeling systems, proving that Pac-Mac is committed to providing the highest quality products in the solid waste industry.

Data & Specifications

RLJ 20



  • 20 yd3

Hopper Capacity

  • 3.61 yd3

Body Weight (Body Shell Only)

  • 5,118 lbs.

Body Weight (Complete unit, less options)

  • 13,000 lbs.

Hopper Inside Width

  • 80 in.

Body Specifications

Sidewalls (curved shell)

  • 10 ga. high tensile steel

Flat Floor (single sheet)

  • 3/16 in. high tensile steel

Roof (curved shell)

  • 10 ga. 80,000 PSI

Ejection Panel Face

  • 10 ga. 80,000 PSI


  • 1/4 in. 100,000 PSI (T-1)

Packer Panel Face

  • 1/4 in. 100,000 PSI (T-1)

Slide Panel Face

  • 3/16 in. T-1 steel

Hopper Sides

  • 3/16 in. T-1 steel (lower tailgate);
    10 ga. 80 ksi steel (upper tailgate)

Hydraulic System


  • Ejector: (1) 2-stage 5.5 in. bore
  • Tailgate: (2) 3 in. bore; 1.75 in. rod; 38 in. stroke
  • Slide: (2) 5 in. bore; 4 in. rod; 30 in. stroke
  • Packer: (2) 4.5 in. bore; 3.5 in. rod; 24.38 in. stroke


  • Shutoff: Ball
  • Packing Controls: Sectional Spool
  • Ejector/Tailgate Raise: Sectional Spool

Operating Pressure in PSI

  • 2,500

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 2,750

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

  • 35-38 GPM


  • 50 gal.

Packing Cycle Time

  • Complete: 17-19 sec.
  • Reload: 3 sec.

Compaction Rate in lbs./yd.

  • 900 +

Standard Features

  • Body
    • One piece flat floor
    • Curved shell body
    • Fast cycle time
    • Wide open accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
    • Automatic latches and integrated tailgate props
    • The industry’s highest standard for hydraulic cleanliness
    • LED lighting, weatherproof connections and braided loom
    • Dual Amber oval rear strobes
    • Heat-treated pins and replaceable bushings throughout
    • Sectional valves
  • Safety
    • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z-245
    • Large access door with safety interlock
    • Emergency stop on curbside
    • Driver alert buttons on both sides

Optional Equipment

  • Single or dual cart tipper
  • Reeving system: 15k cylinder
  • Kick bar with latches (minimum chassis height 37 in.)
  • Additional strobe light packages
  • Amber oval flush mount strobes (front/rear)
  • Rear vison camera
  • Work lights over hopper and tailgate sides
  • Frame mounted water cooler
  • Frame mounted toolbox
  • Tool holder on body
  • Emergency stop on street side

All design, specifications, and components are subject to change at the manufacturer’s sole discretion at any time without notice. Data published herein is for information purposes only and shall not be construed to warrant suitability of the unit for any particular purpose, as performance may vary with the conditions encountered. The only warranty is our standard written warranty for this product at the time of shipment.

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