Leaf Vacuum Trucks

Leaf Vacuum System

The Pac-Mac® Leaf Vacuum System is a self-contained leaf vacuum unit available in chassis mounted.

Data & Specifications


Chassis-Mounted Model


  • 25 yd3

Container Length

  • 156 in.

Drive Skid Length

  • 75 in.

Unit Weight

  • 10,500 lbs.
  • 15,500 lbs.

Chassis-Mounted Body Construction


  • 10 ga. side ribs
  • 26 in. spacing


  • 3/16 in.
  • 4 in. joists
  • 24 in. spacing


  • Hydraulic top-hinged door


  • DOT compliant LED lighting
  • Dual oval strobe lights front and rear

Chassis-Mounted Performance


  • 74 HP Diesel Tier 4

Engine Controls

  • On/start/off switch, throttle, RPM, oil pressure, temperature, and safety shutdown in the event of low oil pressure or overheating


  • 32 in. 6 blade constructed of wear resistant high strength steel

Hydraulic Drive

  • Tandem hydraulic pump

Housing Impeller Liner

  • Replaceable design

Hinged Inlet Door

  • Quick access to impeller without removing the hose


  • Curbside mounted 12 ft., multi-directional


  • All engine and hydraulic operations are controlled in the cab

Intake Hose

  • Wear resistant 16 in. diameter

Container Dump

  • 52° tilt using two double acting dump cylinders

Standard Features

optional equipment

  • Body
    • Self-contained for one person operation
    • Proportional controls for smooth, precise boom movement
    • Hydraulic drive offers a smooth engine to impeller direct connections without clutches or belt drives
    • 10-micron return filtration
    • Strobe lighting is vented towards the bottom, street side
    • Removable vent screen covering for ease of cleaning
    • Hydraulic single door
    • Body Props
  • Safety
    • ANSI Z-245 compliance
    • Bumper meets DOT rear impact standards
    • Container up alarm
  • Rear view camera
  • Rear door alarm
  • Boom view camera
  • Manufacture recommends dual steering chassis

All design, specifications, and components are subject to change at the manufacturer’s sole discretion at any time without notice. Data published herein is for information purposes only and shall not be construed to warrant suitability of the unit for any particular purpose, as performance may vary with the conditions encountered. The only warranty is our standard written warranty for this product at the time of shipment.

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