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KB-220 Series Grapple Truck

The KB-220 Series functions in solid waste, arborist, and the forestry industry, with a higher lifting capacity, boom reach of up to 25 feet, and can be purchased in a variety of boom lengths. This unit comes standard with hydraulic joysticks and a tandem pump for even smoother operation. The KB-220 is quality built with pride.

Data & Specifications


General Specifications

Height of boom to ground in lowest travel position (based on 42 in. chassis height)

  • 12 ft. 6 in.

Boom Length

  • 20 ft. fixed
  • 22 ft. fixed

Optional Boom Lengths

  • 23 ft. (20 ft. with 3 ft. extension)
  • 25 ft. (22 ft. with 3 ft. extension)

Boom Rotation

  • 270° non-continuous

Lifting Capacity at 20 ft. (with grapple)

  • 5,963 lbs.


  • Tandem pump allows simultaneous operation of multiple functions

Operator Controls

  • Pilot-operated hydraulic joysticks



  • 20 ft. / 22 ft.


  • 30 / 40 cubic yds.


  • 45° +/- 1°


  • 3/16 in. (1/4 in. optional)
  • 4 in. joist with 12 in. spacing


  • Side ribs 24 in. spacing


  • L.E.D. with mid-body turn signal



  • 4 ft.

Fully Open

  • 5 ft.

Lift Capacity

10 ft. Radius

  • 11,794 lbs.

15 ft. Radius

  • 7,707 lbs.

20 ft. Radius

  • 5,963 lbs.
KB220 Grapple

standard features

  • Body
    • Double “barn style” rear doors
    • Complete discharge due to fully opening, swinging door(s)
    • 45° body tilt for complete cleanout
    • Nylon braided wiring harness
    • Watertight connectors
    • L.E.D. lighting
  • Grapple
    • Low profile anti-scalp design
    • High-strength tempered steel replaceable edges
    • Dual cylinder configuration
    • Easy to use when handling heavy, bulky materials
    • Dual cylinders provide superior biting force
  • Boom/Pivot/Pedestal
    • 23 ft. boom (20 ft. main/tip boom, 3 ft. extend boom) or
      25 ft. boom (22 ft. main/tip boom, 3ft. extend boom)
    • Pilot-operated hydraulic joysticks
    • Slewing ring and Gearbox configuration
  • Hydraulics
    • All twin telescopic dump cylinders are designed with ductile iron gland/piston, chrome rods, and mounted outboard of frame
    • Built-in holding valves for safety
  • Outriggers
    • A-style design with easy removal
    • Smooth pads for minimal street damage
  • Safety
    • ANSI Z-245 compliance
    • Bumper meets D.O.T. rear impact standards
    • All hydraulic hoses are enclosed or shielded
    • Integral holding valves in the main boom, tip boom, and outrigger cylinders
    • Boom height alarm
    • E-stop located in operator’s platform

Optional Equipment

  • Extended warranty available
  • Hardox body
  • Rotating operating station “crowsnest” allows 360° rotation
  • Various tarp options
  • Outrigger down alarm
  • Outrigger-mounted strobes
  • Additional light packages
  • Body up alarm
  • Frame mounted toolbox
  • Tool holder
  • Door style option: single, double “barn style”, or scow
Pac-Mac can accommodate a variety of CNG tank options including saddle tanks below the rail or back of cab, above the rail

All design, specifications, and components are subject to change at the manufacturer’s sole discretion at any time without notice. Data published herein is for information purposes only and shall not be construed to warrant suitability of the unit for any particular purpose, as performance may vary with the conditions encountered. The only warranty is our standard written warranty for this product at the time of shipment.

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